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Measuring the impact of paper-based wine bottles

GreenBottle is an environmental award-winning UK packaging business, which specialises in making paper-based drinks and liquid fill packaging. As a growing business keen to showcase its environmental credentials compared to traditional packaging materials, GreenBottle asked for a full life cycle footprint of its wine bottle packaging to help inform customers about the benefits. 

Best Foot Forward, part of the Anthesis Consulting Group PLC worked with GreenBottle to assess the environmental impacts of the production and use of its paper-based wine bottle compared to other materials. The company’s needs and the market’s perceptions of the key impacts associated with this type of packaging were discussed, such as resource availability, recycling, weight. We then produced a multi-metric footprint assessing the carbon, ecological footprint, energy and material impacts of the product. The results were assessed against comparable glass, PET, cartons, and aluminium wine bottles.

Armed with an evidence base describing the benefits and impacts of their product, GreenBottle is now confident about clearly communicating their environmental credentials to customers.