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A better retailing climate, but what we need is a radical one

Blog by Craig Simmons, Co-Founder and Director, 17 February 2012

Photo of Craig Simmons, Co-Founder and Director at Best Foot Forward

The British Retail Consortium’s third progress report “A Better Retailing Climate: Towards Sustainable Retail” provides some encouraging reading. The country’s leading retailers are on track to deliver against a set of targets covering their direct environmental impacts and are making good progress in achieving change in their supply chains and encouraging their customers to do more.

Just 14% of retail waste is now going to landfill, carbon emissions from deliveries have been cut by nearly a quarter, energy use in buildings has reduced by one-fifth and emissions from refrigeration are down by 40%.

But those areas where the movement has been slower are the most telling. Although some progress has been made, it is the engagement of consumers and suppliers that is proving the most challenging.

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